Friday 21 July 2017
Further information about recent climate-dynamics research at the OMSZ

Climate modelling activities: Latest results (2010). [PDF_EN]

Summary about the regional climate change over Hungary (In Hungarian). Prepared based on ensemble evaluation of the regional climate model results of the Hungarian Meteorological Service and the Department of Meteorology at Eötvös Loránd University (2010). [PDF]

Csima, G. and Horányi, A., 2008: Validation of the ALADIN-Climate regional climate model at the Hungarian Meteorological Service. Időjárás 112, 3-4 (Special Issue), 155-177. [PDF]

Horányi, A., Csima, G., Szabó, P. és Szépszó G., 2008: Regional climate models and their applicability for climate impact assessment, Part I-II (in Hungarian). Presentation for Adaptation to Climate Change Research Group at Corvinus University, Budapest. [PDF1] [PDF2]

Horányi, A., 2009: Regional climate and downscaling & Regional climate modeling at the HMS. Presentation at Summer School on Climate Dynamics, Visegrád. [PDF]

Horányi, A., Csima G., Szabó, P. és Szépszó G., 2009: Regional climate modelling at the Hungarian Meteorological Service (in Hungarian). Presentation at Hungarian Academy of Sciences. [PDF]

Horányi, A., Krüzselyi, I., Szabó, P. és Szépszó G., 2010: Projected climate change around the Lake Balaton based on meteorological modelling (in Hungarian). Presentation for stakeholders around the Lake Balaton, Siófok. [PDF]

Horányi, A., 2010: Scientific basis for numerical climate modelling, the reliability of the future projections (in Hungarian). Presentation at Winter School organized by MAFIHE, Velence. [PDF]

Szabó, P., 2008: Comparison of precipitation and temperature fields in different data sets used for evaluating Regional Climate Models at the Hungarian Meteorological Service. Internal report. [PDF]

Szépszó, G., 2008: The Achilles' heel of the Hungarian science: the climate research (in Hungarian). Presentation organised by the Hungarian Meteorological Society's Atmospheric Dynamic Section. [PDF]

Szépszó, G., 2008: Regional change of extreme characteristics over Hungary based on different regional climate models of the PRUDENCE project. Időjárás 112, 3-4 (Special Issue), 265-284. [PDF]

Szépszó, G., 2009: Climate change - what shall we expect for the day after tomorrow (in Hungarian)? Elementary School, Pécs. [PDF]

Szépszó, G. and Horányi, A., 2008: Transient simulation of the REMO regional climate model and its evaluation over Hungary. Időjárás 112, 3-4 (Special Issue), 203-231. [PDF]

Szépszó, G., Bartholy, J., Csima, G., Horányi, A., Hunyady, A., Pieczka, I., Pongrácz, R., Torma, Cs., 2008: Validation of different regional climate models over the Carpathian Basin. Poster at European Meteorological Society Annual Meeting 2008, Amsterdam (Netherlands). [PDF]

Climate modelling: the global climate system and its modelling (in Hungarian). Lecture for applied mathematician students at Eötvös Loránd University. [PDF]

Climate modelling: regional climate modelling (in Hungarian). Lecture for applied mathematician students at Eötvös Loránd University. [PDF]

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