It is a long-standing request that our Service should provide the interested people, researchers and teachers with climatic data series of long decades in a clear form and thematic order.

The Hungarian Meteorological Service (HMS) deems one of its mains tasks to serve as a knowledge centre for those who are interested in meteorology and to inform them continuously on the recent scientific results and news. In the fourth part of our serial, we publish the daily data of the station in Pécs between 1901-2000.

By publishing climate data series our aim is to help and support the work of scientific experts and teachers and to enrich the library of the persons showing interest in meteorology with further information.

Beside the systematized data series the users are helped by graphs, tables, explanations, photos and other illustrations in the evaluation and interpretation of the data.


Have a nice time!




 Kornélia Radics, Ph. D.

President of Hungarian Meteorological Service