Saturday 21 July 2018
LÉGKÖR - Quarterly Newsletter of the OMSZ and the MMT

Vol. 62, No. 2 * Pages 57–100 * 2017

Newsletter of the Hungarian Meteorological Service 

and the Hungarian Meteorological Society (in Hungarian)

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The 300th Anniversary of the Beginning of Meteorological Measurements, Feast in Sopron


Panayotis Maheras, Konstantina Tolika, Ioannis Tegoulias, Christina Anagnostopoulou, Szpirosz Klicasz and Csaba Károssy:
   Comparison of Automatic and Empirical Classification of Circulation Types using Hungarian Data

Ferenc Ács and László Szabó: From Köppen to Prentice

András Gulácsi: The Role of Anthropogenic Climate Change and Natural Climate Oscillations in Aridification and
   Weather Extremes in Hungary

Nóra Kordás and Ferenc Ács: The Role of the Ice Particles in the Non-Inductive Charge Separation Processes

Endre Mucsy: Current and Coming Wind Machines; Presentation of a Hungarian Patent. Why the Pneumatic Wind Machine?


Róbert Tóth and Erzsébet Zsoldos: Hailstorm in Ricse

Csaba Andor: Meteorological Phenomena in Madách’ Age

László Haszpra: The Air, the Vital ’Nothing’ ‒ Book Review

András Horányi: Review about Ferenc Jankó’s Book entitled ‘Climate ‒ Science ‒ Histories’

Lilla Hoffmann: Weather of Spring of 2017

LÉGKÖR - Quarterly Newsletter