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LÉGKÖR - Quarterly Newsletter of the OMSZ and the MMT

Vol. 65, No. 1 * Pages 1–76 * 2020

Newsletter of the Hungarian Meteorological Service 

and the Hungarian Meteorological Society (in Hungarian)

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Kornélia Radics: 150 Years of the Hungarian National Weather Service


Ákos Horváth and André Simon: Extreme Weather Conditions Dangerous for Power Supply
    Part II: Strom Cyclones

László Haszpra: Why Should We Measure the Amount of Greenhouse Gases?


Imre Bonta: Excerpts from History of the Forecast at Hungarian Meteorological Service: 1980‒2020

Iván Mersich: Years of Transition (1989‒1995) at Hungarian Meteorological Service (OMSZ)

Tibor Faragó: The Atmosphere and the Significance of the Atmospheric Science
    (How its Recognition Determined my Further Professional Career)

György Major: Meteorological Committees of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1860‒2008

György Major: List of Academic Inaugural Lectures and Theses on the Subject of Meteorology

László Horváth: Interview with Széchenyi Laureate, Academic Ernő Mészáros

Zoltán Dunkel: Hungarian Meteorological Memorial Plates and Sculptures

Ákos Németh: News of Hungarian Meteorological Society

Bozó László: András Gelencsér Corresponding Member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences hold his
    Inaugural Lecturesin Reading Room of MTA 18 February 2020

List of Honoured on World Meteorological Day in 2020

Andrea Biróné-Kircsi: Weather of 2019

Andrea Biróné-Kircsi: Weather of Winter 2019/2020

LÉGKÖR - Quarterly Newsletter