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LÉGKÖR - Quarterly Newsletter of the OMSZ and the MMT

Vol. 65, No. 2 * Pages 77–120 * 2020

Newsletter of the Hungarian Meteorological Service 

and the Hungarian Meteorological Society (in Hungarian)

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Kornélia Radics and ÁkosNémeth: Message to Posterity


Cathy Fricke, János Unger and Rita Pongrácz: Thermal Differences of Cities with Different Climates
     based on LCZ Concept and Satellite Data

László Horváth: Some Green Comments for ‘Climate Change Denials’,‘Climate Change Believers’ and ‘Adaptation Trustings’

Róbert Oláh: Statistical Analysis of Hungarian Lightning Records and Denial of its Time Running I.


Zoltán Dunkel: Graves of the Directors of the Meteorological Institute

Zsófia Erdődiné Molnár, Attila Kovács and Gergely Illés: The First Ten Years of the Storm Warning System at Lake Tisza

Zoltán Dunkel: Interview with György Major

Zoltán Dunkel: We Have Asked Professor Angéla Anda

Judit Bartholy: Report about the 6th Session of IFMS

Olivér Szentes:Spring of 2020

Zoltán Dunkel: Historical Portraits – Frigyes Dési

LÉGKÖR - Quarterly Newsletter