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The idea for the eGAFOR Project arose from the need to provide faster and better weather services to general aviation users. Currently general aviation users in Europe have very different and un-harmonized meteorological products available, primarily due to a large number of countries, different forecasting areas, un-harmonized forecasting methods and different meteorological products. On the other hand, general aviation is the most sensitive and most vulnerable part of aviation to hazardous weather phenomena.

The goal of the eGAFOR Project is to provide general aviation pilots with easily understandable meteorological information on the condition of a particular route, and it is based on the co-operation of aviation meteorological service providers in Central and Southeastern Europe.


Project  goals

  • easier informing and flight preparation
  • better connectivity between countries  


The result of the Project will be the eGAFOR forecast – a uniform graphical forecast of meteorological phenomena hazardous for aviation on the general aviation route network that will be available to users through this website upon completion of the Project.


  1. CCL – Croatia Control Ltd. (CCL): Croatia - the initiator and lead partner of the Project
  2. ARSO – Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of the environment and spatial planning, Sloveninan Enviromental Agency; Slovenia
  3. BHANSA – Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency; Bosnia and Herzegovina
  4. OMSZ – Hungarian Meteorological Service; Hungary
  5. ROMATSA – Romanian Air Traffic Services Administration; Romania
  6. SHMU – Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute: Slovakia
  7. SMATSA – Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Ilc (SMATSA); Serbia and Montenegro
  8. IBL – IBL Software Engineering s.r.o; Slovakia – an industrial partner



Disclaimer: The map above shows only the territorial scope of the eGAFOR Project and
does not reflect the state borders of individual states.


Due to the Project goal the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA), the European Commission body, has recognized the eGAFOR Project and is co-financing it with 85% through the CEF Transport Call 2016.

Total budget: €1,949,000

For OMSZ: €167,000


The eGAFOR Project started on 03.07.2017 and will end on 31.12.2020.




The Project consists of 4 Work Package.


Reports associated with milestones and further information are available on webpage.

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