Friday 24 March 2023
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OMSZ: 2022. november 11. 10:21

11th Seminar for Homogenization and Quality Control in Climatological Databases and 6th Interpolation Conference jointly organized with the 14th EUMETNET Data Management Workshop

8–11. May, 2023
Headquarters of the Hungarian Meteorological Service, Budapest, Hungary



The main topics will be addressed during the workshop:

  • Data rescue: investigation, cataloguing, digitization, imaging.
  • Climate observations: standards and best practices,
  • Metadata: WMO Information System (WIS), INSPIRE, climate networks rating guides
  • Quality control: automatic/manual of climate time-series, on-line data, real-time observations.
  • Archiving: retention periods, depository, climate service centers and data collections for scientific and public use, databases, data access, user interface, data distribution.
  • Homogenization of climate time-series from sub-daily to monthly scale
  • Homogenization methods, assessment of inhomogeneity
  • Theoretical evaluation and benchmark for methods, validation statistics
  • Applications of different homogenization and quality control methods, experiences with different meteorological variables
  • Temporal scales: from synoptic situations to climatological mean values
  • Interpolation formulas and loss functions depending on the spatial probability distribution of climate variables
  • Estimation and modelling of statistical parameters (e.g.: spatial trend,  covariance or variogram) for interpolation formulas using spatiotemporal sample and auxiliary model variables (topography)
  • Use of auxiliary co-variables, background information (e.g.: dynamical model results, satellite, radar data) for spatial interpolation (data assimilation, reanalysis)
  • Applications of different interpolation methods for the meteorological and climatological fields
  • Climate monitoring products
  • Gridded databases


The meeting will be in Budapest, Hungary, at the Headquarter of the Hungarian Meteorological Service.
Address: 1024 Budapest, Kitaibel Pál utca 1.
The meeting will be organized as a hybrid meeting; you can participate live or online.

Registration and sending abstract

Pre-registration and abstract submission deadline is 15th of March 2023. Persons intending to participate on the meeting are required to pre-register by filling this form in order to register and for sending abstract.
Authors will be notified about the acceptance of their submission and about the preliminary program in the 12th week of 2023. Publication of the papers in a proceedings in the serial WMO/WCP/WCDMP is foreseen after the meeting.

Registration fee

The registration fee (including coffee breaks, social events) on-site is 150 EUR. The registration fee for online participation is 40 EUR. The payment of the registration can be processed by bank transfer to:
IBAN HU72-10004885-10002010-01004131, SWIFT CODE: HUSTHUHB before 10th of April or onsite. Please note that onsite registrations can only be processed in Hungarian Forints.
Bank name: Magyar Államkincstár, Bank address: H-1139 Budapest, Váci út 7l., Hungary
Account Holder: Országos Meteorológiai Szolgálat, Account Holder address: H-1024 Budapest, Kitaibel Pál u. 1., Hungary

Scientific Organizing Committee

Enric Aguilar (URV)
Ingeborg Auer (ZAMG)
Barbara Chimani (ZAMG)
Peer Hechler (WMO)
Dan Hollis (UKMO)
Beatrix Izsák (OMSZ)
Monika Lakatos (OMSZ)
Yolanda Luna (AEMET)
Dubravka Rasol (DHMZ)
Tamás Szentimrey (Varimax Ltd)
Ole Einar  Tveito (MetNo)

Local Organizing Committee

Monika Lakatos (OMSZ)
Zita Bihari (OMSZ)
Kinga Bokros (OMSZ)
Beatrix Izsák (OMSZ)
Annamari Marton (OMSZ)
Olivér Szentes (OMSZ)



Organizers and supporters

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