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OMSZ: 2019. január 22. 11:04

ALADIN-HIRLAM-LACE Common Data Assimilation Training – 2019

11-15 February, 2019
OMSZ (Hungarian Meteorological Service) Headquarter
1024 Budapest Kitaibel Pál utca 1.



In cooperation of ALADIN, HIRLAM and LACE, we are organising a data assimilation (DA) training week.

DA is a very important part of our numerical weather prediction (NWP) system. The aim of the training is to introduce the principles of DA and the way the DA system is built up in our consortia.

We would like to welcome newcomers (having or not experience in DA) and all the colleagues, who are willing to work with DA during the training days. The aim is to give an introduction to the different parts of our DA system to newcomers and teach the full system from observation pre-processing, trough objective analysis for both upper-air and surface, up to observation monitoring and DA diagnostic. We plan to have morning lectures and afternoon practical sessions.

The Hungarian Meteorological Service is happy to host this event at its Headquarter in Budapest.

Practical information:

There are plenty of restaurants near the Headquarter of the Hungarian Meteorological Service where you can have a lunch or a dinner. Our recommendation for lunch is "Várfal Étterem" () where we booked table for all of you at 12:30 in accordance with the the agenda. There will be "A" and "B" menu for approximately 5euros but of course you can choose á la carte. We can give further information about the menu later.
Hungarian Meteorological Service is glad to invite all the participants for a common dinner on 14th of February (Thursday) to "Trófea Grillétterem". This is an "all you can eat" restaurant where our table reservation is valid between 18:00 and 21:00.

Hungarian Meteorological Service location


The training course will be in Budapest, Hungary at the Headquarter of the Hungarian Meteorological Service:

Address: 1024 Budapest, Kitaibel Pál utca 1.

Hungarian Meteorological Service location


How to get from the airport to the city center

Budapest airport (Liszt Ferenc Airport) has two terminals (Terminal 2A and 2B), located quite close. Terminal 2A is Schengen-Airport, therefore you will most probably arrive there.

  • AIRPORT SHUTTLE SERVICES called miniBUD is a 0-24h service which costs to the hotels near the Hungarian Meteorological Service about 4400 HUF (15 EUR)/person. This service is available within ½ hour of the arrival of the flight (until all passengers travelling to the same district are picked up). You can buy your ticket at the airport, or order online. More information:
  • DIRECT BUS LINE NO. 100E: FROM THE AIRPORT TO THE CITY CENTER / DEÁK FERENC SQUARE The service connects the Airport and the City Centre. Buses – low-floor, air-conditioned vehicles – run every 20 minutes between 3.40 am – 1.20 am. The journey takes 30 – 40 minutes between Ferenc Liszt Airport 2A Terminal and Deák Ferenc tér metro hub (in district V). The bus service can be used with a special ticket that is valid only for this line. It costs 900 HUF (2,7 EUR).
  • PUBLIC TRANSPORT is quite complicated. One ticket costs around 350 HUF (1.1 EUR). In general, whenever you change from one vehicle to an other, you should validate a new ticket. (You can change lines within the metro network (metro lines) with the same special ticket. You can buy cheaper tickets in coupon book or a card for couple of days.) Altogether, it would cost you 3 tickets (1050 HUF, 3.3 EUR) to get to your hotel. First you should take bus No 200E from the airport, to the direction "Kőbánya-Kispest". From there take the underground line M3 (this is its terminal). Metro is under reconstruction, at the weekends replacement buses might occur.