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Vol. 123, No. 4 * October - December 2019

Quarterly Journal of the Hungarian Meteorological Service

Special compilation: Environmental challenges – Smart solutions

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The variability and trends of monthly maximum wind speed over Iran
Sohrab Ghaedi
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The maximum wind speed trends over Iran were analyzed based on the data recorded at 49 synoptic stations in Iran, including at least 40 years of data. The regions with maximum winds in Iran are most often seen in the Zagros Mountain. The nonparametric Mann–Kendall test at 95 % level of significance was used to survey whether there is a trend for the maximum wind speed data. Sen’s slope estimator was also used to determine the magnitude of the trends. The results reveal that the rate of positive trend is much higher than the negative trend and, in some months, it reaches more than 57% throughout the territory of Iran. Line slope is positive in 86.7% of the country’s area. The increasing wind speed can have significant negative impacts on installations and structures, erosion, human health, evapotranspiration, and wind energy.

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