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Vol. 124, No. 2 * April - June 2020

Quarterly Journal of Hunarian Meteorological Service

Special issue: Climate change and adaptation
Guest Editor: Rita Pongrácz

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On the reliability of CALPUFF and AUSTAL 2000 modeling systems regarding smoke and vapor plume mergence
Pedram Jafari Shalkouhi, Farideh Atabi, Faramarz Moattar, and Hossein Yousefi
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Observations at power plants have shown that smoke plumes from stacks frequently merge with vapor plumes from cooling towers. Wind speed and direction play a key role in merging vapor and smoke plume. Mergence of stack and cooling tower plume leads to formation of undesirable substances such as sulfuric acid aerosols, acid mist, and acid fly ash. The present study shows that smoke and vapor plume mergence is a common phenomenon in Mátra power plant in Hungary; however more studies must be conducted in the future to reveal the type and number of plume mergence in the mentioned plant. The present work also indicates that the CALPUFF and AUSTAL 2000 modeling systems cannot provide enough information with regard to vapor and smoke plume mergence.

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