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Vol. 125, No. 1 * Pages 1–166 * January - March 2021

Quarterly Journal of the Hungarian Meteorological Sercive

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Evapotranspiration and yield components of soybean
Angela Anda, László Menyhárt, and Brigitta Simon
DOI:10.28974/idojaras.2021.1.7 (pp. 137–149)
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Observation was conducted to determine the impact of water deprivation under flowering on the yield components of soybean at Keszthely, in the growing seasons between 2017 and 2018. The soybean represents an artificial ecosystem in this study. Three water levels designated as full watering in traditionally operated evapotranspirometer (ET), water withdrawal under crop flowering in modified evapotranspirometer (RO), and rainfed (P) crops were used. In RO treatments, the crops received half of the water based on the amount of unlimited water supply. Irrespective of variety, the highest water uses were obtained in ET, while the lowest ones were observed in RO over both growing seasons. Surprisingly, in spite of different variety standards provided by the crop breeders, and irrespective to water supply, no significant impact in actual evapotranspiration rate, ETa, between the two varieties was observed. Significant impact in soybean water losses between the treatments was observed in RO as compared to the evapotranspiration of crops with unlimited watering.

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