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Vol. 125, No. 2 * Pages 167–336 * April - June 2021

Quarterly Journal of the Hungarian Meteorological Service

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Changes in extreme precipitation over the North Caucasus and the Crimean Peninsula during 1961–2018
Elena Vyshkvarkova
DOI:10.28974/idojaras.2021.2.8 (pp. 321–336)
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Based on daily meteorological data, spatial and temporal distributions of extreme precipitation in 1961–2018 were examined for the North Caucasus and the Crimean Peninsula. Extreme precipitation indices recommended by the Expert Team for Climate Change Detection and Indices were calculated for 45 meteorological stations. Analysis shows that the highest values of extreme precipitation indices are on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, except duration of dry spell, because of the atmospheric circulation features and the complex orography of studied area. Extreme precipitation trends are spatially incoherent and mostly statistically insignificant over the studied territory. Significant upward trends on the Caspian Sea coast and Stavropol Upland and statistically significant decreasing trends in the fixed threshold-based indices and all intensity indices over the Crimean Peninsula were detected. Positive and significant correlation between precipitation indices (except consecutive dry days) and altitude was obtained.

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