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Vol. 125, No. 3 * Pages 367–519 * July - September 2021

Quarterly Joournal of the Hungarian Meteorological Service

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Evapotranspiration estimation at the Kis-Balaton wetland
Angela Anda, László Menyhárt, and Brigitta Simon
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Evapotranspiration rate, ETaand vegetation composition strongly influence the water budget of wetland impacting available water and water resource management. One of the goals of this study was to estimate the areal ETa of the Kis-Balaton wetland, KBW (natural ecosystem) between 1997 and 2012. This time period was free of any human intervention. ETa was accounted for different vegetation classes through the multiplication of the reference evapotranspiration, ET0 by previously determined crop coefficients in each vegetation/open water classes. Besides common reed and cattail, five other groups were separated, including open water as an independent class. The evapotranspiration sums were strongly impacted by annual mean air temperature, Ta. One degree increment in annual average Ta will increase the yearly ETa sums in about 100 mm. The yearly areal ETaof KBW ranged from 737.08 mm to 896.63 mm with an average of 802.07 mm during the 16-year study.

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